Community & Care Groups

a�?We are not called to be spectators in a church service, but we are a family in Christ.a�? a�� Pastor Jason The Christian journey is personal, but not private. We need one another in our journey with Jesus. At Gospel Light, we want to help you get connected to the encouragement, love, care and support of the church family through our Community Groups. Come and experience the warmth and friendship with Goda��s people.


The Youth Ministry at Gospel Light is a community of lively young people from secondary school to tertiary institutions (13-19 years old). We gather weekly for our Youth Service, which is characterized by vibrant worship 阅读更多 >
The Adults Ministry is a Community of adults in our 20s and 30s. They meet weekly for Care groups (10-20 persons) where we can experience the Gospel through the Bible and through one another. 阅读更多 >
The Young Families ministry is a Community of couples, with or without children, in their late 20s to 40s. It is our desire to see Young Families at Gospel Light grow in their spiritual walk 阅读更多 >
Better Halfers are the mature members of the church (generally 50s and above). We have the second half of life ahead of us and we want to make it significant and to make it count for Jesus Christ. 阅读更多 >